SBS Modular Building

Superior Building Systems Pty Ltd (Australia) are currently offering a range of building options that might be of interest to people seeking Affordable Housing Solutions.

Although this modular system is suitable for people who want to build larger homes, it becomes interesting to those seeking more affordable options because of the following features:

  • Homes can be built to a range of different standards and finishes, including a very basic "spartan" option, or even incomplete for those who want to finish building all, or part, of their homes themselves.
  • The system allows people to build their homes progressively, starting with smaller affordable modules which can be added to over time, thus minimising debt.
  • The company says that they are offering finance packages direct to low income buyers who may not qualify for bank finance, with a guaranteed buy-back option after 10 years (you may wish to inquire and check the terms and conditions).
  • The homes are relocatable, which means that they can be built on shared land (back yards, community initiatives, private lease, granny-flat, temporary student accommodation, etc)
  • For those who want to minimise labour costs, the company has declared that they are prepared to work alongside owner-builders and allow them use alternative, reclaimed or recycled materials in the cladding of the homes (subject to some conditions).
  • The modular nature of the structures are such that minimal site preparation is required compared to other forms of building - although some site preparation is still required.
  • The modular components of the houses are built in a factory and transported to site, making building in remote locations less problematic.
  • On-grid and fully off-grid options are available
  • Costs appear to compare favourably when compared to other alternative methods (Eg: Shipping container conversions)
  • The system can accommodate your own designs and virtually any floor plan, which means that there is some scope for being architecturally adventurous (ie: You don't need to build just a square box to end up with an affordable home.)
  • Download the price list by right-clicking on the following link and selecting "Save Target As..."

    I have no commercial links to Superior Building Systems, but I am currently considering using their system for my own project. I am also actively researching multiple building technologies and am actively seeking multiple industry partnerships to help advance the cause of affordable housing in Australia. From time to time I will highlight various building systems but it is up to the reader to explore and decide which system best suits their needs. This system has my qualified endorsement. As far as I can tell at this stage, this is one of the best systems that I have seen for cost, accessibility and alignment with The Affordable Housing Initiative priorities.

    The 5 Priorities of The Affordable Housing Initiative:
    1. Affordability
    2. Ease of Construction
    3. Speed of Contruction
    4. Energy Efficiency
    5. Sustainability

    The 5 Primary Strategies of The Affordable Housing Initiative:
    1. Alternative Building Methods (technologies & materials)
    2. Alternative Use of Land (private, shared, leased, public)
    3. Alternative Locations (decentralisation)
    4. Alternative Investment and Finance (avoid the big banks)
    5. Alternative Expectations (build smaller, modular, in stages)

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