Consulting & Creative Services

Design & Communications

Do you need help establishing your ethical business or organisation in the market? We can help.

Whether it be in designing and establishing your brand across different publishing platforms, producing advertising material, or crafting your message to meet your target audience, we have the expertise to help you get your message out.

Got a limited budget? No problem. We can also advise you on what is realistically achievable within your budgetary constraints to maximise market penetration.

We Offer:

  • Professional logo design, organisational and product branding
  • Designing and producing brochures, press advertising, newsletters, booklets, magazines, packaging, business cards & stationery, banner advertising, etc
  • Laser cut signs, displays or parts using card, paper, acrylic, MDF, wood, fabric, leather, or etched glass.
  • Copy writing & refining your message
  • Website design & hosting. eNewsletters
  • Creative content: Illustrations, graphs, charts, diagrams, symbols, technical drawings, photo image restoration, digital image editing, photography.
  • International Project Management

    Following 17 years of experience in Community Development work in Africa, we've identified a number of areas where we believe that we can assist your organisation in achieving better outcomes in project management:

  • Implementation of new project documentation systems in the field using mobile technology
  • Staff training in the use of apps and the creation and remote deployment of custom forms
  • Contracted field trips within Africa for independent inspection, verification and monitoring of project activity & staff training
  • Organisation-wide assessments of operational procedures, certification and endorsements.
  • Partner mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution
  • Developing and implementing effective anti-corruption policies
  • Developing and implementing whistle-blower protection policies
  • Message crafting & production of promotional material for publicity and fund-raising (see services above)
  • Radio interviews to highlight & publicise project activity (sample interviews available)
  • Political advocacy
  • Endorsements

    Robby Keen,
    Executive Director,
    JENGA CDO, Uganda

    Allan has supported JENGA in various consulting and marketing roles and has been as essential resource to our success. I'm very privileged and humbled to be able to have Allan as my advisor who can challenge, support and steer me in the right ways. Whether in the field with us, or supporting us from his office, we have absolute trust in his abilities and services and I cannot recommend his services strongly enough.
    >>> Jenga CDO

    Richard Beaumont,
    CEO, Entrust Foundation,
    Melbourne, Australia

    Allan has had considerable experience in Africa with development projects, their viability and implementation. He is very skilled in assessment and evaluation of a wide range of project outcomes. He knows Africa and Africans well - a vital attribute to effective project management and review. I recommend him to anyone who wishes to use his services.

    >>> Entrust Foundation
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