Arabic Language Lesson Vouchers

Arabic Language Lesson Vouchers

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Now you can purchase Gift Vouchers that offer a 1hr Introductory Arabic Language lesson, 3 hours of lessons, or 5 hours of lessons!

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Conditions apply: Lessons are conducted within the Greater Bendigo area at the location of our choosing, at a time that is mutually agreed. Vouchers are non-refundable and must be used within 3 months of purchase.

My name is Hanan Weatherall and I am serving the Bendigo community with Arabic language tuition. As an Arab Christian I also want to try to bridge cultural divisions by enabling the Bendigo community to better understand the true beauty of Arab culture and language.

Arabic is a beautiful, exotic, poetic and romantic ancient language that is full of emotion and beautiful expressions. There are many beautiful ancient Arabic proverbs that express practical wisdom that predate both Christianity and Islam.

Of course there are many reasons why people want to learn Arabic. For example:
  • Travel: Even very basic language skills makes a journey overseas more enjoyable and interesting as you connect with local people.
  • Business: Diplomacy, international trade and commerce. Australia exports many products to the Middle East.
  • Healthcare: Communicating with Arabic-speaking patients.
  • Education: School, home-schooling or university courses (LOTE).
  • Social work: Building bridges to new arrivals such as asylum-seekers and new arrivals from the Middle East.
  • Missions: Missionaries seeking to communicate and culturally integrate in Middle Eastern countries.
  • A general love of languages.

  • I teach everyday conversational Egyptian Arabic because it's the easiest form of Arabic to learn. Australians may not know that Egypt is to the Arab world what America is to the English-speaking world - the dominant cultural influence and major producer of TV entertainment. Wherever people are watching TV in the Middle East it's a sure thing that they're watching Egyptian movies and are very familiar with the Egyptian accent.

    Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn Arabic, I look forward to helping you on your journey.

    For more information about Arabic lessons, translation or interpreting services, call Hanan Weatherall on 0407 802 050 or 0418 319 368
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