Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below the answers to commonly asked questions regarding the VIACARE app-based project documentation system:

What devices does your app work on?
The app will work on any Android or Apple smart phone or tablet PC. To obtain full access to useful features the device should have a camera and GPS.

Will the app work on Windows or Blackberry mobile devices?
No, this is not supported at this time. We will update this information if this changes in the future.

How can an app eliminate fraud and corruption?
When using the app, all data inputs are be linked to a particular user, at a time and a particular GPS location. The user is required to input additional evidence in form of photographs, copies of documents (such as contracts, receipts, etc), signatures, or even the recording of sound or video. In other words, the app is designed to prompt the user for evidence related to the recording of project activity. Forms are customised to require the kind of evidence suited to the particular project being documented. Of course the user can still attempt to fabricate data and honest mistakes can still be made, however the app

What kinds of activities can be documented using the app?
All kinds of activities:
- Child/student sponsorship
- Water projects
- Micro-enterprise initiatives
- Construction projects
- Health surveys
- Disaster assessments
- Procurement of supplies
- Asset management
- Staff performance reviews
- Vehicle maintenance records
- Health check or pastoral visitation records
- Travel expenses
- Team management
- Organisational analysis
- Staff surveys
- Commercial Sales
- Just about everything related to project management

How do I create app forms customised to my organisation's needs?
System administrator's are given web access to a control panel where they can create and modify forms online.
If you need help we can also assist you in this process for an agreed fee.

How do I access the data capture on the app by field workers?
Nominated users can access a control panel where they can view and download data collected in the field to save or merge with your own records.
For an additional fee the system can be setup so that all data is merged with your own system through an automated process.

It the system expensive?
No, not at all. Especially when compared to what is often lost through undetected fraud or administrative errors.

The largest component of the implementation cost is the purchase of smart phones. The price of these devices is getting cheaper and already an adequate device can be purchased for under $100. The cost of the app is US$10 or US$15 per month, per device. This is very affordable even for small organisations. Some smaller organisations may opt for all of their staff to share one or two mobile devices with PIN or signature verification for each user.

A cost benefit analysis should consider the following factors:
- Potential for early detection and prevention of fraud and mismanagement.
- Ease of use for field workers, saving them time.
- Higher quality documentation of field activities and common management functions.
- Enhanced communication with field staff.
- Faster access to information from the field (real time)
- Greater security (no loss of files through theft or destruction)
- Greater capacity for remote monitoring (potentially requiring less international travel).
- Provides all the necessary data for independent monitoring and auditing (Contacted auditors can use GPS locations to independently travel to project sites).
- The ability to gather data for a wide range of project activities and merge that data with existing software systems.

Will the system work in remote locations where there is no internet connection?
Yes. The app can gather information off-line and save that information to be uploaded later. The user can upload their reports when they return to mobile coverage area or through a WiFi connection (office or internet cafe).

How can I try the app for myself?
Just click on this link and apply for a trial:

Please contact us if you have other questions not covered here.

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