Pelican Tanks

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Pelican Tanks are a compact, light-weight, durable bladder tank for storing or transporting potable water and can be manufactured in a range of sizes, shapes and colours to suit customer needs. They have been used throughout rural Australia, East Africa and East Timor since 1996 and have a range of commercial, agricultural, domestic and crisis-relief applications.

The Mk2 Pelican Tank (pictured above) holds approximately 650 litres of water and fits comfortably into a 6 x 4 trailer.

  • Crisis Relief: These tanks are ideal for emergency response. They are light-weight and very compact when folded so Pelican Tanks can be carried into remote and inaccessible places on foot or by bicycle, or dropped onto remote sites by light aircraft. They are ideal for providing safe storage of drinkable water in the aftermath of floods, tsunamis, earthquakes or fires.
  • Refugee/IDP Camps: Larger PVC bladder tanks are often used in refugee camps but the shear weight and size and cost of them can make deployment prohibitive. Pelican Tanks are easy to transport and deploy and can be distributed in greater numbers and more locations throughout camps, making access to drinking water easier and more convenient for users. Smaller versions can also be used in pickups, carts or rickshaws, making water transport and management less dependent upon heavy vehicles.
  • Fire Fighting: Pelican Tanks are ideal for farmers who want to maintain a seasonal preparedness for grass fires. By mounting a small pump on the draw-bar of a trailer the Pelican Tank can be transformed into a first-response fire-fighting tool for protecting farm buildings and livestock. Tanks can also be manufactured to custom sizes to fit utes (pick-ups) or larger trailers.
  • Agricultural spraying:
  • Grey Water Recycling: Reclaiming domestic water from showers or bathrooms for garden watering.
  • Aquariums and Aquaculture: Transporting sea water for aquariums or temporary tanks for fish breeding.
  • Prospecting & Mining: Ideal for transporting water to remote camps for human consumption or gold panning.
  • Camping: Setup camp in remote locations and have all the water you need.
  • Rainwater Harvesting: A simple modification using a few over-the-counter items can enable you to harvest clean rainwater for human consumption - ideal for prolonged camp-outs in the bush.
  • Remote Building Sites: A ready water supply for mixing concrete.
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    Larger sizes are also available (1000 litre & 1500 litre) through special order (minimum quantities apply).

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