The VIACARE Initiative

VIACARE is an acronym that stands for: Verify, Inspect, Assess, Certify, Advise, Report, Endorse.

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The VIACARE Initiative is a new venture that is designed to provide practical solutions to some of the problems in project management in International Development. One of the ways we achieve that is by offering our partners a customised mobile app as a tool for field workers.

Having worked on numerous projects in Africa since 1996, it has become very clear during that time that most International Development organisations struggle with many of the same problems - the foremost of which is obtaining regular, adequate and reliable documentation from the fields where they are working. Unfortunately where there is inadequate documentation, accountability and transparency, information gaps exist where corruption and mismanagement can begin to thrive and undermine the integrity of worthwhile and much-needed projects. And when you speak with aid workers you find more than enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that corruption and mismanagement is endemic in Africa.

Part of The VIACARE Initiative is to offer an affordable customised smart-phone and tablet PC app to assist field workers to compile information-rich and fully compliant documentation of projects in the field. Using this system makes it much easier for field workers to gather all the information they need: photographs of people, copies of documents, text inputs, GPS locations, times and dates, signature verification - even audio and video if required. All of that data is stored on a device that can be carried around in a field-worker's pocket, and then uploaded to secure online storage as soon as they return to the office or to mobile coverage area. The app also records the time and user information, making it easy for project auditors to verify all information, and leaving a digital paper-trail if anyone attempts to falsify information.

The VIACARE Initiative doesn't just stop there. We are currently preparing to provide a range of complementary services to fortify project integrity in International Aid and Development.

Our research suggests that as much as 10% - 20% of all money donated to international causes is lost through mismanagement and corruption - and that's a conservative estimate based upon feedback from people working in the field. Of course that is impossible to prove because a) Criminal don't declare their profits, and b) Aid organisations don't usually publicise their losses. Consequently there is no way to obtain reliable statistics. But many aid and development workers have stories to tell about major losses. It is widely accepted within the development community that corruption is endemic and a major challenge.

In addressing this problem we focus on:

  • Providing Aid & Development organisations with a digital tool that will:
    a) Enable field workers to easily create fully compliant documentation of projects in remote locations and upload that data.
    b) Enable area managers, international partners or major donors to access data online that is fully verifiable. (Please contact us for a product demo)
  • Providing training to staff in the use of our project documentation system
  • Assisting organisations in developing effective anti-corruption policies and systems
  • Providing fully independent in-country project monitoring and verification services
    Working for government and non-government organisations, as well as major donors.
  • For more information, please call or use our contact page.
    You can also apply for a test of our app here:


    Robby Keen,
    Executive Director,
    JENGA CDO, Uganda

    Allan has supported JENGA in various consulting and marketing roles and has been as essential resource to our success. I'm very privileged and humbled to be able to have Allan as my advisor who can challenge, support and steer me in the right ways. Whether in the field with us, or supporting us from his office, we have absolute trust in his abilities and services and I cannot recommend his services strongly enough.

    >>> Jenga CDO

    Richard Beaumont,
    CEO, Entrust Foundation,
    Melbourne, Australia

    Allan has had considerable experience in Africa with development projects, their viability and implementation. He is very skilled in assessment and evaluation of a wide range of project outcomes. He knows Africa and Africans well - a vital attribute to effective project management and review. I recommend him to anyone who wishes to use his services.

    >>> Entrust Foundation

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